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( psc photo editor, psc photo resize, psc photo size, psc photo, photo resize for psc, psc photo maker,kerala psc photo editor, kerala psc photo resize ) : Resizing a photo for Kerala Public Service Commission (PSC) exams involves adjusting the dimensions and file size of the photograph to meet specific requirements. The standard pixel size for a photograph for Kerala PSC exams is 200 pixels in height by 150 pixels in width, and the file size should not exceed 30 Kb. The signature, on the other hand, should be 100 pixels in height by 150 pixels in width

Thank you for providing details regarding the photograph requirements for the Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) applications. It’s crucial for candidates to adhere to these guidelines to ensure their application is valid. Here’s a summary of the key points:

Photo Guidelines for PSC Applications

Validity Period: The uploaded photograph will be valid for 10 years.

Name and Date: The candidate’s name and the date of the photograph must be included in the uploaded image.

Image Specifications :

  • Color/Black & White photograph.
  • Clearly showing the face and shoulder of the candidate.
  • Image dimensions: 200 pixels high, 150 pixels wide.
  • File format: JPG.
  • File size: Not exceeding 30 Kb.

Background :

  • The photo should be taken against a white or light-colored background.

Positioning :

  • The face should be straight and completely centered in the photo.
  • Eyes should be clearly visible.

Prohibited Elements :

  • Applications with photographs taken wearing a cap (other than a religious cap/headscarf) and goggles will not be accepted.
  • The photograph should not show only one side of the face.
  • The face should not be obscured.

Adhering to these guidelines ensures that the submitted photograph meets the necessary criteria set by the Kerala Public Service Commission. Candidates should thoroughly review and follow these instructions when submitting their applications to avoid any potential issues.

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